BlockShip Wars v0.4.9.1 (Pre-Alpha)

1. Running
A. Windows
2. Connecting
A. Internet
C. Internet-Direct
D. Lobbies
E. Communication
3. Practice/Single Player
4. Game Rules
5. Map Navigation Controls
6. Selecting Ships and Planets
7. Gathering Resources
8. Building Ships
A. Basics
B. Thrusters
C. Turrets
D. Power
E. Resource Extractors
F. Armour and Shields
G. Special Weapons & Abilities
H. Ship Designs
I. Repair all & Salvage all
9. Capturing Planets & Planetary Shields
10. Research Upgrades
A. Buying Research
B. List of Research
11. Battles/Ship Control
A. Moving
B. Firing
C. Alerts
D. Nebulas and Asteroids
E. Quick Select/Pan to/Hotkeys
12. License
13. Credits

To host:
To connect:
For connecting over the Internet the procedure is almost the same as with LAN, except for getting your IP address (I suggest googling "My ip" or visiting ""). Also if you are behind a NAT router or a router with a firewall and you are hosting, you will need to add an exception to the firewall or a forwarded port for the server port (UDP protocol). The user with the fastest connection should be host.

Under game setup you can:
Under the player list:

There is currently in-game communication implemented. To communicate with your teammates during the game, press enter, type your message and press enter again to send or escape to cancel. To communicate with your enemy, hold shift and press enter. You can also chat with everyone in lobbies by entering text in the chat box near the button and clicking send.

Practice/Single Player
Practice mode is intended to help you learn the basics of the game, as well to allow you to play completely offline. Currently there is one single-player mode: 'Homeworld Defense'. In this mode you will have to defend your homeworld against 15 waves of enemies coming in increasing strength and quantity. You will need to build an efficient economy, counquer and defend any other planetoids in the area, and build gunships to defend against all 15 waves. There is a countdown before the start of each wave, once the countdown is reached enemy ships will come in from the outside of the map towards your homeworld. The countdown to the next wave will start after all ships from previous waves or destroyed, or 45s has passed since all enemies from the current have spawned.

Game Rules
The objective of the game is to destroy all enemy ships, and capture all planets owned by the enemy. To do this you will need to build ships, capture planets, and gather resources in order to win battles against your opponent, and lead you to your ultimate goal of victory. In team based play, at least one team member must remain for victory.

Map Navigation Controls

Selecting Ships and Planets

Gathering Resources
Gathering resources is critial to playing this game. You will need resources to build ships for attacking and defending planets.

To gather resources you will need ships with Resource Extractors anchored over planets you own. For each Resource Extractor, you will gain 1 resource per a second. There is a limit on the resource rate you can have per planet, this depends on the type of planet.

Resource mode button

Click this or press [F] when a mining ship is selected and it is over a planet you own to toggle resource gathering mode. You will see your resource extractors pumping when they are running. Ships in resource gathering mode cannot be moved, and take slightly less damage.

Resource Extractor

A Resource Extractor.

Building Ships
To build a ship, select the planet you wish to build the ship on. Once selected, click again on the point you wish to place the command center, and click "Start New Ship" in the menu that appears, or press the number on your keyboard shown beside that label.

Build mode button

Select a ship, and then click this button or press [G] to toggle build mode, or click on the ship again. When in build mode, the ship will be highlighted in blue. You can also simply click a selected ship to enter build mode, and click away from the ship to exit build mode.

This is the build menu. This menu allows you to select (A) the bulkhead type for new bulkheads, and (B) the action to apply to an existing bulkhead or (C) an attachment to place on existing bulkhead.

A. You can place normal bulkheads (left), or armour-only bulkheads (right). To build a bulkhead, select the type here and then click on the green boxes on the edges of the ship to add extra bulkheads. You can also press C to toggle between normal & armour only bulkheads when in build mode.

B. The actions in order from left to right are: Repair bulkhead, Salvage attachment, Salvage bulkhead & attachment. To use these options, click to select an option then click on bulkheads to apply the action.

C. There are various attachments you can add to a normal bulkhead (Such as thrusters, turrets, power cores, etc), they are described the following subsections. To add an attachment, click to select the attachment type and then click on empty bulkheads to place the attachments.

Thrusters enable your ship to move under it's own power. Increasing the number of thrusters will increase the speed of a ship, however it will also leave you with less space for weapons and other attachments. You should also attempt to place your thrusters symmetrically around your ship, as this will give your ship the best maneuverability.


Turrets are your primary method of attack for ships. They can be fired manually at the mouse position by holding space, and will automatically fire if their ship is fired upon, or if enemy is spotted and the ship is in resource gathering mode.

Machinegun Turret

The "Machinegun Turret" fires a high calibre round at a medium rate and medium range. The damage done by this turret is low, but with several of them, they can inflict substantial damage.

Missile Turret

The "Missile Turret" fires a missile which explodes on impact with an enemy ship, shield, or mine. Missiles do high damage and have a higher range than machinegun turrets. Missile turrets may be upgraded, giving a higher projectile speed (meaning better accuracey) and a higher damage yield. Missile turrets must be researched before they can be built.

Lazer Turret

The "Lazer Turret" fires a continuous stream of energy doing more damage per second than machine gun turrets & missile turrets, and with a greater accuracey than missile turrets. Lazer turrets must be researched before they can be built.

Power is required for thrusters, turrets, resource extractors and shields to work. Command centers and power cores provide power for your attachments. A command center generates 8 units of power, as does a power core. If you do not have enough power for your ship, you will need to build more power cores.

Note that once a power core is built, the entire block must be salvaged in order to change it into something else. CAUTION: Since power cores store and generate so much energy, if a core is destroyed it will do damage to the surrounding blocks as well.

Machinegun Turret

When in build mode, any blocks which are not powered will have a red power indicator over top of them. Clicking a command center or power core in build mode will highlight the blocks in green which are powered by it. Each power core will attempt to power the closest blocks first. So if there is a power shortage, attachments which are far away from a core or command center are least likely to be powered.

When in build mode, the middle-right of top HUD will display the power usage and maximum power for that ship. E.g. "6/8" (6 units of power used, 8 maximum).

Resource Extractors
See Gathering Resources for more information.

Armour and Shields
Armour upgrades and shields can be purchased through research at a planet that has them available.

Build mode button

You are able to purchase armour twice (each time on a different planet) for a second level upgrade. Once you have researched the armour upgrades, all your existing ships and any future ships will automatically be upgraded to the maximum level of armour researched.

Build mode button

Shields can be researched at planets. Once researched, sheild generators can be built as attachments to bulkheads. Shields will stop all enemy fire at their borders, however will lose energy as they are hit. Although a shield will regenerate, if a shield loses all of it's energy, it's generator attachment will be destroyed. Shields can also be temporarily disabled by EMP Bombs.

Special Weapons & Abilities

Special weapons are specifc use weapons which are not automatically fired by ships. These include Mines and EMP Bombs. The ability to use these weapons must be first researched at a planet. These weapons can then be used when a ship is selected and consume a small amount of resource per use.

When the mine research has been purchased, and a ship is selected, mines can then be placed by pressing G or the button on the top HUD as seen above. Mines are placed at the location of your command center, and have a small amount of initial inertia depending on the velocity of the ship that placed it. There is a maximum of 14 mines which can be placed by one ship. Your mines are barely visible to your enemy, but will be highlighted to make them easier for you to see. On collision with an enemy, the mine will explode doing a large amount of damage within a small radius. They will only do damage to enemy ships and enemy mines.

EMP Coil

EMP Coils must first be researched, they may then be built on bulkheads to allow for the use of EMP blasts. To maximize the radius of a blast, put more EMP coils further away from the command center. You can launch an EMP blast by clicking the HUD button while a ship is selected, or pressing T. The EMP will take 3s to fully charge, and have a cooldown time of roughly 40s. Any enemy bulkheads within the range of the blast will lose power for up to 20s. Enemy ship shields will drop, planetary shields will lose roughly half of their maximum strength, however enemy blocks behind shields will not be effected, unless the resulting EMP blast damped the effectiveness of enough of the ship's power cores.

Cloak-Field Generator

Cloak-Field Generators must first be researched, they may the be built on bulkheads to allow for ships to be cloaked. To enable or disable cloak, select a ship and press H. If the ship does not cloak, that means you do not have a sufficient number of cloak field generators compared to the overal size of the ship. When a ship is cloaked, it cannot be automatically targetted, or seen by anything except for a Listening Post. Your enemy may still the ship faintly, however a high enough density of cloak-field generators the ship may be rendered entirely invisible. A cloaked ship will also not fire, unless manual firing is done with the spacebar. Once a cloaked ship fires, it will drop it's cloak.

Listening Post research can be bought at some planets. Pressing V with a ship selected will buy and drop a listening post at the location of the ship's command center. A listening post gives you vision at a medium range from that location until it is salvaged or destroyed. Listening posts will automatically warn you if an enemy ship is seen.

Ship Designs

You can save designs of ships you have built, and then have them built automatically at a later time. This allows you to mass produce armies of ships much easier. To save a ship design, select the ship and click the save icon on the top HUD.

To build a ship from a design, select a friendly planet, click a point as the center, and in the menu that opens click "Build Ship From Design" or press the corrosponding number key. This will open a menu, showing icons for all saved designs with the price to build. If you have sufficient funds, simply click and the ship will begin to build automatically at the point previously selected. You can also delete designs from this menu by hovering over the design with your mouse and pressing DEL. You can save a maximum of 25 designs, and they will presist only in the current match.

Repair all & Salvage all

You can repair all the bulkheads on a ship at the same time. As long as the ship is close to a friendly planet and you have sufficient funds, you can click the Repair Ship button on the HUD when a ship is selected to start repairs of existing bulkheads. If the shape of the ship has changed in battle, you will need to build it back up if you so desire.

If you wish to quickly salvage an entire ship, select the ship and press DEL or click the salvage button on the top HUD.

Capturing Planets & Planetary Shields

Capturing (or recapturing) planets allows you to increase your resource production, ship limit, vision, and research new weapons and upgrades.

To caputre a planet, you must have at least one ship over it. There can be no enemy ships near by. Select the planet, and click the capture button on the top. Make sure you keep a ship over it and enemy ships away while capturing it. The time which it takes to capture a planet depends on the size and value of the planet.

You can add a shield which will protect a planet from capture, and protect all ships within it. A shield can only be built if there are no enemy ships or asteroids within the radius of the planet. To add a planetary shield, click a planet which you own and click the add planetary shield button on the top. Your ships and your teammate's ships will be able to pass through and shoot through planetary shields. The price of the shield depends on the size of the planet.

If a planet is being taken from you, you will see a flashing red indicator over the thumbnail on the lower HUD.

Research Upgrades
Buying Research
Planets you own allow you to buy research for new weapons, armour, and sheilds. To buy research, first select a planet which you own. There will be icons in the middle right of the top HUD showing the research that you can buy there and that you already own.

Clicking a research button with enough resources, will start the research. You can cancel research and get a refund if you click the button again before the research completes.

You are able to research one thing at one planet at any given time. Some things (armour upgrades, missilte turrets) can be bought more than once. In such a case if you wish to buy a second level of upgrade for that item, you must research it at a different planet.

List of Research
Listening Posts (See Special Weapons & Abilities)
Mines (See Special Weapons & Abilities)
Bulkhead Armour (See Armour and Shields)
Missile Turrets (See Turrets)
Lazer Turrets (See Turrets)
EMP Coils (See Special Weapons & Abilities)
Cloak-Field Generators (See Special Weapons & Abilities)
Shields (See Armour and Shields)

Battles/Ship Control

If a planet is being taken from you, a ship is under attack, or a listening post sees an enemy, you will see a flashing red indicator over the thumbnail on the lower HUD. The alert will also show in map view.

Nebulas and Asteroids
Nebulas reduce sight of ships inside them, and make ships and mines inside them harder to see. If you wish to evade the enemy, carefully entering a nebula may allow you to escape.

You may find asteroids of various sizes around the map. Asteroids will do damage to ships that run into them, and block fire. The mass and HP of an asteroid is proportional to it's size.

Quick Select/Pan to/Hotkeys
To quickly pan to a ship or planet, you can click it's icon on the lower HUD. All of your ships, listening posts and planets will have icons here. To pan to a ship and select it, double click it's icon.

You can assign ship, listening post or planet selections to hotkeys like in other RTS'. To do this, press CTRL plus a number key to bind the current selection to that key. After binding, you will be able to re-select a saved selection by pressing that number key. Double tap will both select and pan to the location of that selection.


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Probe Apps

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