About BlockShip Wars
BlockShip Wars is a physics based, multiplayer, action-realtime strategy game where you command a fleet of space ships you design and build yourself out of blocks. In this game you will gather resources to build ships and outfit them with thrusters, weapons, shields, etc. As well you can build your ship to the shape you desire. The object of the game is to annihilate your enemy, and have fun in the process. BlockShip Wars is currently being developed for Windows, OS X, and Linux.

BlockShip Wars
BlockShip Wars v0.6.01 (Alpha) Now available on Desura!
i BlockShip Wars v0.6.01 Alpha is now available for early access on Desura!

Also to mark the Desura release, BlockShip Wars will be on sale for $4.99 for the next month at least.

BlockShip Wars

Version 0.6.2 featuring single player, and arena multiplayer mode is near completition, and will be release as soon as possible.

Stay tuned!

Development progress of 0.6.2
Homeworld Defense single player has been nearly completely added (back) to the game, and will be available with the release of 0.6.2. In this game made you gather resources, build ships, and fight of waves of enemy attackers. Ship designs for enemy ships are randomly selected based on their strength from the designs you have made, and pre-made designs that come with the game. The homeworld defense mode is a lot of fun, and a great way to get prepared for multiplayer matches.

As well as the homeworld defense mode, 0.6.2 will have an all new Arena multiplayer mode, where building restrictions are set at the start of the match, then each player has a fixed amount of time to build (a) ship(s) without having to worry about attack. After that time is up, players battle until only one player is left.

Now available on the IndieGameStand store!
BlockShip Wars v0.6.01
Released version 0.6.01

This release addresses some of the most common issues gamers have had with the intial alpha release. For the next release (0.6.05), I'll be adding Arena (multiplayer) mode, detailed ship statistics tooltips, and some additions to the ship building palette.


BlockShip Wars v0.6 Available Now!
BlockShip Wars v0.6 Alpha now available for early access on itch.io!

Early Access
BlockShip Wars v0.6 Alpha Coming this Month!
BlockShip Wars v0.6 to be released this month! Working on a last round of testing, then the game will be released on digital distribution platforms. Stay tuned!

BlockShip Wars v0.6 Alpha and DemoCamp-Halifax
It's been a while! Work on the alpha has been progressing, however I haven't released anything publicly yet due to being a perfectionist and the whole "just one more feature" complex. I've added over 200 new screenshots from various stages of development between now and the last release, some features were added and then removed (like space stations), others are sticking and are still on way for the alpha (like single direction thrusters). Here's a list of some of the features you should expect in the Alpha. Also I'm proud to be presenting a 5 minute demo at this year's DemoCamp in Halifax, NS - should be a blast!

BlockShip Wars v0.4.9.1 Released
This update includes: Visit the Download Demo page to get a copy. Be sure to read the Online Manual first.

BlockShip Wars v0.4.9 Released
This update includes: Visit the Download Demo page to get a copy. Be sure to read the Online Manual first.

BlockShip Wars v0.4.6 Released
This update includes: Visit the Download Demo page to get a copy. Be sure to read the Online Manual first.

Video of entire match from v0.4.6 :

Better particles & In-game chat
Implemented a better particle system; Optimized in C++, and makes use of additive blending for more realistic particle effects. To implement a particle system like this, you use more particles of different colours (For fire/explosions I used red, yellow, orange and white particles so when multiple particles are blended with varying opacities a full fire palette is used.) When there are many particles in a relativly small space, and additive blending is used the effect is quite good. Looks even better animated than in the screenshots.

Also added in-game chat functionality. You can press enter to bring up the chat textbox, enter your message, and press enter again to send it. In-game chat allows you to taunt, compliment, signal, or whatever type of communication you need with your opponent.

BlockShip Wars v0.4.5 (Pre-alpha) released
This is the first public release of BlockShip Wars. Pre-alpha and Alpha version will be free and become the demo version once the game enters into Beta.

Major features in this release: Visit the Download Demo page to get a copy. Be sure to read the Online Manual first.